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Assembling a great team means avoiding hiring pitfalls.

Hiring Pitfalls Blog photoAn executive recruiter at a tech company recently noted his job has become much tougher.  Candidates interviewing with his company often opt to also interview with a start-up and/or another favored recruiter. 

This only begins to suggest the challenges in today’s market. Recruiting, sifting resumes, interviewing candidates and making hiring decisions all require time, funds and skill. Compounding the problem is that talent shortages exist in many industries, and companies are trying to lure many of the same candidates.

Still, strategies exist to help you avoid hiring hazards. Try these approaches to ensure you “on-board” executives who are able to help your company grow and thrive.

  1. Clearly define the job. With a vague definition of the position and a cloudy understanding of talents required, hiring is doomed to fail. Job description and position requirements should be clearly defined.
  2. Don’t rush hiring. Some companies delay hiring, then race to get new employees aboard. This practice can result in missing excellent candidates and hiring poor ones. Take time with the resume reviewing stage and the interviewing stage. You will identify candidates who more closely meet your job requirements.
  3. Create an “employer brand.” With a strong employer brand, you'll find in-demand executives seeking you out, rather than the other way around. Build your brand by stressing opportunities for organizational advancement.
  4. Incorporate tech tools. Tools streamlining and improving hiring are being embraced by the savviest companies. Utilizing hiring software, top recruitment websites and two-way webcam interviewing can all benefit your hiring prowess.

Stay on top of evolving technology and techniques in executive hiring.  You’ll help ensure your company adds and retains the kind of executive firepower that will keep it climbing.

What hiring strategy has proved to be most successful for your company?


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