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One Ontario, Canada home supply products company conceived an inventive approach to remembering customers each holiday season. The company gives favored wholesaler and contractor customers business tools they know will not only be used, but will remind them of the gift giver. One season, the company provided an iPad featuring installed programs likely to help in the wholesalers’ and contractors’ businesses. The tool makes recipients’ day-to-day operations easier, while reinforcing their brand loyalty. 18-LB-563 stock photo

As this example shows, signaling appreciation to customers with friendly holiday traditions remains important. Just as key: Really thinking about how the gift or gesture can have lasting, post-holiday significance.  Consider some of the following ideas.

  • Holiday direct mail. Send a holiday-oriented direct mail piece to thank customers for their business.  It might be a discount off a purchase or offer redeemable in the New Year. It’s a holiday greeting, an advertisement and a business promotion, all in one.
  • One for the books. Each year, your customers work on growing their companies and make them more profitable. Every year, business books debut that provide excellent guidance in doing precisely that. Pick one from the best-reviewed titles, include a personal holiday message in the fly leaf and send to customers with your compliments.
  • Brand your gift. Customers love free items, and could even love them more when your brand’s logo is discreetly sewn onto the gift. A holiday gift of a warm item of clothing such as a cap or scarf is always appreciated. And each time your customers don the items, your logo will remind them of the giver.

Keep your theme consistent year after year, and you may find customers will look forward to your warm, friendly holiday tradition as much as they do egg nog, sleigh rides and tree trimming.

What is the most memorable holiday tradition with customers that you recall? 

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