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How do smart companies maximize treasury management services?

17-LB-552 TM Blog photoWhen companies take advantage of bank-provided treasury management services to keep accounts safe and maximize collection benefits, they can dramatically improve day-to-day operations.

 For example, using fraud protection services and gaining control over collections and disbursements timing made a big difference for two Leaders Bank clients. The two companies, one a commercial screen and sublimation printer and the other a property management firm, leveraged these cash management services in the following ways.

  1. Fraud protection. The companies worked with Leaders to use ACH debit filters in protecting accounts from unauthorized electronic debits. They also leveraged check positive pay to prevent unauthorized checks from clearing their accounts. And because the world of cybersecurity and fraud protection is ever changing, they continue teaming with the bank to ensure their accounts are protected.
  2. Collections and disbursement timing. Using electronic transaction services such as ACH wire originations and remote deposit helped the companies control timing of collections and disbursements. That enabled them to gain operating efficiencies and improved cash flow. It also allowed the companies to provide their own customers with an array of payment channel options, making it more convenient for their customers to do business with them.
  3. Online and mobile banking. The companies leveraged online and mobile banking to effectively monitor accounts and manage cash flow 24-7, which proved beneficial when working remotely or outside normal business hours.

Both companies profited from gaining optimal benefit from treasury management services. The property management company, for instance, was able to pull payments in a more efficient, timely manner, which helped streamline its cash flow. 

How are you deriving maximum benefit from treasury management services?






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